Peanut Production Information

The UGA Extension Peanut Team’s part in the sustainability of peanut production in Georgia is two-fold. The primary role of the extension peanut team is to support the peanut growers throughout Georgia through the county extension agricultural agents located in each county.

The extension peanut team provides this support through trainings, educational support, and other resources including:

  • extension newsletters
  • blogs, bulletins and publications
  • classroom and in-field trainings
  • field visits to conduct troubleshooting and in-field diagnostics
  • distance education
  • mass media programs

The extension peanut team also works closely with UGA peanut researchers as well as with other University and USDA peanut researchers throughout Georgia, the United States, and the world to develop unbiased, research based production information. As part of these interactions with researchers, the extension peanut team further examines research findings and adapts them to current production practices through applied research trials, on-farm demonstrations, and grower production meetings to ensure they are beneficial for peanut growers.

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